How Deep is the Ocean? With 200 Amazing Questions About the Ocean


ISBN: 9780241526569

Author: Steve Setford

Ages: 9-12 years

Explore the intriguing answers to more than 200 questions about oceans and seas in this absorbing encyclopae-dia of the natural world for kids. What is an ocean? How do waves form? What lives at the bottom of the sea? This children's book helps inquisitive minds find out the answers to all the questions they may have about seas and oceans, and some they hadn't thought of! Featuring amazing sea creatures, geological wonders, and marine exploration, How Deep is the Ocean? lets children dip their toes into oceanography and explore its incredible depths. Each page asks and answers a different question, and features a quick quiz designed to cement new knowledge. Bursting with mind-boggling details and fascinating facts, this visually stunning book will be treas-ured by every young ocean enthusiast.

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