Your next great decision in

media publicity, ghostwriting,

education investment and CSI

awaits you

Your next great decision in

media publicity,


education investment

and CSI

awaits you

Success is our



Our motto signifies the values of fortitude, grit, adroitness, and an overall ethos of care and precision in pursuit of business and community growth⸺achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers, company, and beneficiaries.

Success is our

Forever Endeavour

Our motto signifies the values of fortitude, grit, adroitness, and an overall ethos of care and precision in pursuit of business and community growth achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers, company, and beneficiaries.

What We Do:

Summit and Sojourn is a diversified media company, a media publicity and ghostwriting hub, a unique wealth generator, and a dedicated corporate social investment vehicle. It has six distinct departments:

Media Publicity





Ghostwriting Services

Commercial Ghostwriting

Private Ghostwriting

The Summit Bookstore

Children and Young Adult Books

Adult Non-Fiction

Adult Fiction

The B.U.B. Book Club

(Education Investment)


The Book Food Festival


The STEM Cell

Research Project

Our Story

After years of travelling to six of the seven continents of the world, Founder and Managing Director Litha Hermanus studied and graduated from Wits University with a BA Hons in media studies and an MA in creative writing. He has worked for some of South Africa’s best mainstream media companies: Primedia, the SABC, and Kaya959. At these institutions, he experienced what they teach you in school and invariably learned what they never can.

He is a commercially published author (Penguin) and a ghostwriter.

Beyond mainstream media, he has also worked for the Embassy of Japan in South Africa, visiting and vetting potential beneficiaries of grant funding nationwide, and through team engagement, approving sponsorships in education, health, and other sectors.

This allowed him a closer look into some of our society’s deep-seated problems. But it also sharpened his already keen eye for problem-solving through innovation and strategic action. In his time at the embassy, he managed about 30 projects, with a collective budget of more than R30 million.

It was through his professional and travel experience that he gained the tools to start Summit and Sojourn in 2017 a media company that operates with two goals in mind: profit and social investment.

Our Advisory Board Members

Mr Fikile Luswazi

Head: Sales & Strategy at FNB Wealth Investments

Ms Langelihle Dwayi

Operations Director, Commercial Litigation, Regulatory Law, Labour and Employment Law, at Mchunu Attorneys

Dr Rendani Mamphiswana

Head: Research and Innovation, Nafasi Water, and Senior Research Associate at the South African Research Chair Initiative in Industrial Development, University of Johannesburg

Ms Danny Wimpey

Attorney, Writer, Editor, Fundraiser

Mr Sibulele Ganca

Financial Consultant and Financial Director at Apex Group

Ms Claire Biesman-Simons

Experienced Project Coordinator with a history in heading and coordinating Library and School Reading Projects (Currently a PhD Candidate in Education at the University of the Witwatersrand)

- Companies worked for and with -

Media Publicity

The Founder’s solid history in media education, hands-on experience, and relationships built at top-flight commercial media institutions all mean the company is well placed to offer affordable publicity opportunities to small and big businesses, non-profit organisations, as well as private individuals.

We have a firm foothold in radio, but our work spans television, print and online media. Our primary goal is to craft your press release and place your content where it can reach the largest numbers possible within the audience demographic you seek. While we provide advice, the final choice of media to target is yours.

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Modus Operandi

Among other business, content and advertising revenue are the lifeblood of media houses. Positioning your project as the former is much more affordable than positioning it as the latter. Summit and Sojourn mostly welcomes projects we can workshop with our clients into valuable content for the media of their choice (radio, television, print, or online). We do, however, also cater to clients who prefer using their own ad spend for results. We do this by negotiating rates that help to meet their budgets.

Whichever direction you take, the important point to note is:

you pay Summit and Sojourn only if you or your product get media placement.

Media & Testimonials

Notable beneficiaries of our work have included the Embassy of Japan in South Africa, as well as Hokkaido University (Japan), on behalf of the Study in Japan Global Network Project. For reviews, please click here.



If we are talking grocery lists, texts, and other mundane writing tasks, almost everyone knows how to write. But premium sentences and paragraphs are like a knot of giant pythons that true writers have to wrestle into submission, until they lie perfectly straight and completely still… like sweet, obedient children. Hardly an easy ask, you see.

But that is why we are here for you, for all your ghostwriting needs.

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Legacy Biographies

This package is for those who have lived rich lives and would love to write a book about their journeys⸺but need the help of a professional writer. Whether it is a book to sell, or simply to keep for family and posterity, we have the skills you need.

Family Trees and Journals

COVID-19 and its culling of the older generations have taught us that family knowledge is always at the risk of being lost if it is not carefully kept through written records. Those who would like to put their family histories into a neat package for themselves and posterity are welcome to contact us for a quote.

Estranged Parents

Broken families are an unfortunate fact of life. This ghostwriting package allows parents without the ability to speak to their estranged children the opportunity to tell their stories as best they can to those children, with the goal and hope of mending the past … or at least with a desire to share how everything came to be, and how it can possibly be changed.

Sample Some Sentences

The Summit


Ignorance lives in cages just like possibility does on pages. Free your mind! Grab books for children as young as 3 to adults as old as dirt, and everyone in between. And for any books we do not currently stock, do not hesitate emailing the Summit Bookstore (on to place a special order, at no extra cost than the publisher’s recommended price.

Please keep in mind that a R55.00 delivery cost will apply to orders with a value of less than R600.00.


The Book Food Festival

Company founder Litha Hermanus has combined two true loves to create an event he could only dream of.

It is a fun annual gathering, all about the food we savour in books we love.

You book your place at the table and book a selection of dishes off a set menu, before the event and we serve them to you when you arrive.