The Eyes of the Naked


ISBN: 9781415210079

Author: Litha Hermanus

Ages: Adult Fiction

The Eyes of the Naked is a page turner with a literary soul. Long-listed for the Sunday Times CNA Literary Awards 2021 (formerly the Alan Paton Award), the book delves into the heritage of the tribe of Nelson Mandela, the Xhosa people. It deals meticulously with the complexity of traditional male circumcision (a practice undergone by the author in his youth), and it sets the beleaguered age-old custom against the backdrop of ever-changing people and times. The above is centred within a vortex of love and crime, as well as a mosaic of broken manhood and families. A culmination of tough technical and artistic work, in addition to the God-given flair unique to each writer, The Eyes of the Naked is now available for you to enjoy. May it usher you into a world both familiar and strange.

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